Our Staff

Committed to quality funded childcare for the people of Staveley

The right people to work in childcare are people who love children, understand the way they think and are qualified to facilitate the stages of their growth. We have built a team of passionate, highly qualified staff from the Staveley area who share a lot of experience in the field of childcare, are committed to excellent standards of funded childcare, and tend to work with us for a long time, becoming established figureheads of the nursery. Thanks to our high-caliber and extremely friendly team, the children and the staff are able to enjoy every day with lots of fun, laughter and community spirit. We put our all into safeguarding the security, well-being and happiness of every child within our supervision.

Our experienced Staff

Our team have worked together to ensure that the nursery upholds our high standards and our consistent OFSTED ratings. Our staff all have first-aid qualifications, DBS checks and all the required training, which is refreshed and updated on a regular basis for entirely cutting-edge care. We have an in-house cook who prepares all the meals from scratch to ensure that the children have healthy, nourishing and delicious food fresh every day. The team works in partnership with parents, local educators, healthcare professionals and other childcare authorities to ensure the best all-round care for every child in our groups of 'treasures'.
Experienced staff
Contact us to find out more about our childcare team 012 4647 3776

Our staffing ratios

We believe that every child thrives best with continuity of care, which is why we enforce a 'keyworker' system to allow the children to establish relationships with their carers and to optimise the communication-feedback relationship with the parents. We ensure that our staffing ratios always reflect the OFSTED guidelines for different age groups as follows:
  • 0 – 2 years - 1 staff member per 3 children
  • 2 – 3 years - 1 staff member per 4 children
  • 3 – 5 years - 1 staff member per 8 children
Treasure box
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