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Private and funded childcare in the heart of Staveley

The moment you step through our door, you'll see why our positive atmosphere and top-range facilities make Treasures Nursery in Staveley such a fantastic place for the children we supervise. We provide a fun and colourful environment where the children are encouraged to have a cheerful and enjoyable day every day. We're a friendly and welcoming establishment offering a safe haven for all children; promoting an environment of equality, respect and empathy.

From our tasty and healthy homecooked meals, where they are encouraged to try new foods and learn about cooking, to our stimulating play areas and art and design areas, the children learn and play all day, reaching their development goals in a way which is natural and enjoyable. 

Little Gems

Little Gems are between 2 and 3 years of age and have the chance to enjoy a wide range of games and activities tailored to their needs and abilities. The Little Gems room is a colourful, warm and friendly place where the group can get to know each other and enjoy the variety and challenges of each new day. We ensure that every member of staff meets the needs of the children in their group, getting to know the children as individuals for a positive, friendly group dynamic.
Little gems

Tiny Treasures

Tiny Treasures are between 0 and 2 years old and our Tiny Treasures room has been carefully planned to make sure it creates a calm and secure environment for your baby. Our Tiny Treasures staff are highly trained to work with very young infants and will work closely with you to ensure that every aspect of the home-nursery transition is made as easy as possible. We keep a daily diary of your baby's feeds, sleep times etc for you to stay informed about how your child is doing during the day, and you can also chat to us at the end of every day for verbal feedback.
Tiny treasures
Call us to find out whether your child could be one of our 'Treasures'! 01246 473776

Treasure Seekers

Treasure Seekers are between 3 and 4 years old. The Treasure Seekers rooms are colourful and creative, with lots of new themes throughout the year as we learn and play through play. At this stage in life, when your child is developing and growing so quickly, we make sure they have lots of stimulating activities and opportunities to learn and explore, with our trained staff facilitating their optimal development within a happy and stable environment.
Treasure seekers

Dream Room

Our Dream Room, or sensory room, is a peaceful and mellow place where children can take time out and relax, as well as developing key skills like empathy and understanding. We use the dream room for small group work, 1-on-1 sessions (with speech therapists or staff) and there's a friendly, calm environment for children with additional needs. The children love the low lighting and soft colours of the dream room, which provides a perfect complement to the fun and energy of the day's other activities.
Dream room
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